School of Design Lecture Series

Nov 5, 2012
5:00 PM  - 6:30 PM
Margaret Morrison A14

The School of Design presents Chris Pullman, Vice President of Design for WGBH public broadcasting in Boston, who will discuss "The Future is Not What You Thought it Would Be." As VP of Design, Pullman is responsible for the visual personality of WGBH, as expressed though the design of its on-air titles, credits and animation, promotional and sales support, classroom materials, and interactive media. In 1986, the company was honored with the Design Leadership Award from the American Institute of Graphic Arts and in 2002 he received the AIGA Gold Medal. In his lecture, Pullman will reflect on his 35 years at WGBH, which was the last place he thought he would end up. He will talk about what it was like and discuss the lessons he learned from this unexpected experience.
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