Literary and Cultural Studies Colloquium: Annie McClanahan

Mar 28, 2013
4:30 PM
Baker 255B (Swank Room)

Annie McClanahan, Assistant Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will present a talk, "Debt and the Uncanny." As an economic form, credit has long been associated with optimism, certainty, and credibility¿and with the kinds of narrative realism that produce those feelings. Understanding debt, however, might require a different aesthetic form, one capable of registering debt's traffic in fear, anxiety, and material alienation. This talk suggests that Freud's Unheimlich--the unhomely, the uncanny--is the representational mode most adequate to debt and to an economy of default. It reads debt's uncanny not only through Marx and Freud but also in a series of other texts ranging from Google earth photographs to a Hong Kong horror film.

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