Special Intelligence/Robotics Seminar

Jul 12, 2013
3:00 PM  - 4:00 PM
Gates Hillman Center 7101

Professor Manuela Veloso will give a talk titled "Cognitive Control for Mobile Service Robots." The technology underlying mobile robots has matured to the level where basic operations in static, or controlled, environments can almost be taken for granted. To make mobile robots useful as service platforms (i.e. performing tasks with or for humans in everyday environments), we now must develop approaches that exploit the structure of human environments (both static and dynamic) in order to create more intelligent, and therefore more useful, robots. With this aim in mind, this talk will present recent work on the application of a range of AI techniques to mobile robotics, including probabilistic reasoning for object search, goal generation and planning for exploration, qualitative reasoning about human environments, and learning the best routes to take through populated spaces.
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