MSIT eBusiness Technology Practicum Competition

Aug 23, 2013
9:30 AM  - 6:00 PM
Rashid Auditorium, 4401 Hillman Center

You are cordially invited to attend the MSIT eBusiness Technology Practicum Competition. The practicum projects afford the student teams the opportunity to collaborate with a corporate sponsor to solve a "real-world" problem. Throughout the application of what is learned in their coursework, the teams develop a working prototype to address a problem or opportunity defined by the sponsor. The teams will compete for a $15,000 award for Best Practicum, 2nd prize of $10,000 and third prize of $5,000.

Projects include smart clinical trial system, mobile transaction security, mobile streamlines retail, digital education, real-time optimal fulfillment, enterprise social networks, financial advisor portal, universal whiteboard, full service mobile banking, hyper local engagement, and customized 3D printing solutions.

Lunch will be provided for registered attendees.
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Tami Radomski

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