Open Scholarship for Grad Students and Early Researchers

Oct 22, 2013
4:30 PM  - 6:00 PM
Connan Room, University Center

Come hear CMU researchers talk about why and how they make their work available via open access. Hear the new Dean of Libraries Keith Webster explain why open access is strategic and describe next steps to increase open access to CMU research. Other speakers include:

Norman Bier, Open Learning Initiative;
J. David Creswell, Psychology;
Michael Tarr, Center for Neural Basis of Cognition;
Veronica Hinman, Biological Sciences;
Jelena Kovacevic, Biomedical Engineering;
Mary Shaw, Institute for Software Research, SCS;
Reinhard Schumacher, Physics;
Russell Schwartz, Biological Sciences and SCS.

This is the keynote event in CMU's celebration of Open Access Week, October 21-27.
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