Screening: Justice is Mind

Apr 28, 2014
5:00 PM
Giant Eagle Auditorium, Baker Hall

Five years ago, 16 million Americans were stunned and intrigued by a "60 Minutes" report that showed that Carnegie Mellon scientists were able to read a person's mind. Filmmaker Mark Lund was among those mesmerized by the CMU thought identification research and decided to use the groundbreaking work as the basis for his next feature film. "Justice is Mind" follows the trial of a person accused of a double murder who doesn┐t remember committing the crime. The film is set in a time when fMRI technology is readily used to decode a person's thoughts. The film addresses some of the key questions concerning the implications of this technology for the legal system.

CMU's Marcel Just, who appeared on the 60 Minutes segment with his colleague Tom Mitchell to discuss their "mind reading" work, will introduce the film. Just and Lund will answer questions following the screening.

Free pizza and refreshments will be available for those attending.
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