Alumnus Book Signing: Core Software Security

May 9, 2014
4:00 PM  - 5:00 PM
University Store, Cohon University Center

The University Store presents Anmol Misra, a 2005 graduate of the Information Networking Institute, who will be talking about and signing his book, "Core Software Security: Security at the Source." Misra, who co-authored the book with James Ransome, says the real Achilles heel of cybesecurity is insecure software. Misra is an author and a security professional with a wide range of experience in the field of information security. His expertise includes mobile and application security, vulnerability management, application and infrastructure security assessments, and security code reviews. He is a program manager in Cisco's Information Security group. Misra also is co-author of "Android Security: Attacks and Defenses," and is a contributing author of "Defending the Cloud: Waging War in Cyberspace."
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